domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

Para este verano déjate seducir por el amor

Vinilo decorativo cocina receta secretaMadoka Kaname | Homura Akemi | Kyouko Sakura | Sayaka Miki | Mami Tomoe | Nagisa Momoe Source: Fan art. I love this, reminds me of my boyfriend and me :)Love is caring for each other even when you're angryLove is saving the last for you - HJstory - more of these cute Valentine messages on our article! :) Have a great valentines!19 Secrets People Who Are In A New Relationship Won’t Tell YouUP! Altas Aventuras <3 <3 <3 Sr. Fredricksen e Ellie <3 <3art by Tan Jiu. “Life is fickle, treasure those around you.” RIP 姚贝娜 Bella Yao | I've been reading the comics on tumblr they're so funny! Yuri | Yaoi | Anime Couple
Honestly, to me that looks like Junjou Romantica. Love that show!!Feeling Lovely Songs by on @deviantARTFree! ~~ Makoto is a kissing machine! :: Ryugazaki Rei, Hazuki Nagisa, Matsuoka Rin, Nanase Haruka & Tachibana MakotoNoiz & Aoba - DRAMAtical MurderYou got admit that if the Cats Eye Chronicle were modern teen story, I can imagine Crash and Sora will be like this. Cute huh lol.