sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

Hispter Punk Outfits

Segunda Escenayeah. you may talk to me, make me laugh and say the sweetest things. but how many other girls are you doing that to?Grunge. Ripped Shorts. Skeleton Rib Cage. Tank Top. White Doc Martens. Boots. Discover and share your fashion ideas on www.popmiss.comwww.2015-louboutin.jp.pn  $128 for charistian louboutin shoes  for autumn/winter style.  Nice!Maybe pants or longer shorts,.,or I could wear tights with the shorts...anywaaaays..I like this outfit ^-^ Untitled leather -  #bohemian  #dark  #outfitgrunge t tucked into denim stone wash cut offs , tights , knit cap, long necklaces and crazy print bag