jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

Outfits, faldas, gorros etc

Pretty! Hmm...looks like she layered the sweater over a peter pan-collared dress.: talkingoutsoft | themadeofstarlight:

 Being that fashionable girl...Super Bowl Outfit Inspiration: If you are a die-hard football fan, or you just want to dress for the occasion, what redhead doesn't want to look stylish and Super Bowl ready? Here are some good options to rock on Super Bowl Sunday:: I just bought a pair that looks like this and I'm super excited to wear them.: Sweaters, shorts & tights.: meggielynneWhat Alyssa Wore Today. | katherine is awesomesimple: Floral skirt + sweater + leggings: Minimal korean. Via kimcheexxOsäker på den vita undre kanten men den är tilltalande på något sätt.:  : readers: Stay Wild Series 01 | Feral Watches: rvca tee:  : style.:  : "School Outfit" by daphny-b5 on Polyvore