miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Lugares Bellos y abandonados

Anotaciones al margen: El casino abandonado de Constanza (Rumanía): Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair |: Ever wanted to know what the world will look like when we’re gone? Here it is.: Molino abandonado desde 1866 en Sorrento, Italia | Los 33 Lugares Abandonados Más Bellos Del Mundo.: FOTO Cele mai frumoase locuri abandonate din lume: hubel_china: Beautiful and creepy abandoned amusement parks. - 9GAGAbandoned railway: escalera impresionante en un palacio abandonado en Polonia: Writing prompt - picture - Every evening just before night fall, there would be a single boot-print in front of the door, as if someone stepped off, looked around, then climbed back in.  But the train was always empty.: aband, 33: dejar morir: jaraelian: Battleship island in Japan. The entire island housed 3x what it should have, and managed it by putting them in obscenely crowded apartments like this. Now, the entire island is abandoned, and is restricted to the public. These derelict sky-scraping ghettos fall without an ear to hear them.: Raro: O Túnel do Amor na Ucrânia