miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Para halloween

Payasos, Muñecas y de mas...

This Halloween, Transform Yourself Into the Wickedly Glamorous Harley Quinn Skellington!: Inspiración para un disfraz de pallasa tenebrosa.: Incredible Halloween makeup ideas spotted on Instagram: Dita Von Tesse   Evil Celebrity Clowns 6 - Worth1000 Contests: #ShareIG CLOWN ✖️ Clown Collab feat. the #batalash girls and the wonderful and talented @makeupmouse - make sure to keep your eyes on their page for their looks!: transformaciones-maquilladora-saida-mickeviciute (2): Disfraz: carnaval: The Art Of Beauty ~ Baby Doll Lip Tutorial | Also useful for Winfred's lips from Hocus Pocus.: halloween makeup, gonna do my makeup like this for the benefit tomorrow, i am going as a doll,:) idk about the lips, but def the eye makeup: How to Do Doll Like MakeupDibujar en medias blancas para canalizar Sally de Pesadilla antes de Navidad . | 51 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes: Marionette Puppets - Halloween Costume Contest via @costume_works: Jigsaw - Saw Movie Costume: Maquillaje de Muñeca: